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Top 10 Atlantic Ocean Fist to Catch Before you Die

Every fisherman has their “white whale” or that one fish they must catch before they die. They are usually challenging, beautiful, and well worth the time and effort to locate and land one of these beauties. If you’re not sure what should be on your “fish bucket” list, use this for inspiration for your next greatest catch.


Landing a sailfish is a great experience for any fisherman. If you’re out for your first deep sea adventure or your 100th, catching a sailfish is one of the angler’s best stories. Sailfish can be notoriously hard to catch since they can be clocked at speeds up to 110mph at full tilt. They grow up to nearly 5 feet in length and they are a shocking blue-grey color with a distinctive sail on their backs. Put this fish at the top of your “must catch” list.

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Not far from the sailfish in popularity is the swordfish. It’s a large predatory fish that can grow to mammoth sizes. There have been several occasions where lucky anglers have landed a 10-12 foot swordfish on their deep sea fishing adventures. They are easily distinguished by their flat bill which they use to help slash their prey to make it easier to catch them. Landing a swordfish is no easy feat as they can quite regularly reach up to 900 lbs.

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Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna sits on this list because it’s a tasty fish that reaches over 400 lbs in the open Pacific ocean. It’s a good challenge to catch yellowfin through traditional rod and reel methods. They sit in depths of around 300 ft. and are a worthy adversary against any skill level angler. They’re a recognizable fish because of their distinct yellow markings and stripes along the belly.


Dorado (Mahi Mahi)

This deep sea fishing challenge is found in waters all over the world, although the Mahi Mahi name is Hawaiian in origin. It means “very strong” because the fish, despite its small size, they can reach speeds of almost 60 mph. This fish, which is also known as the Dorado in other parts of the world, is widely fished because of its tasty flesh and rapid breeding. It makes it a friendly fisherman’s catch because it’s a sustainable fish.

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Blue Marlin

Although the Blue Marlin is considered a threatened species of fish, sport fishing still allows for a catch-and-release system of catching this monster. It can grow up to 16 feet in length and weigh almost 1.5 tons. Any fisherman on a boat charter will earn the respect of his peers should he land one of these beautiful creatures. Often, if a blue marlin weighs over 1000 lbs, the anglers refer to that as a landing a “grander”. It’s a title worth chasing at least once in your life.

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Bonefish are associated with a laid back lifestyle as they are mostly caught in the shallower waters near shore on the beaches of Southern Florida and the Bahamas. They are a small, unique-looking fish that are normally caught for sport. It’s a good meal if you decide to try one because it’s a basic fish that doesn’t require much preparation. Just a little pepper, salt, and lemon and you’ll see why the bonefish represents the Bahamian lifestyle.

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The tarpon represent another challenge to the serious angler. Those wanting to land something with a bit more fight should look to hook a tarpon on their line. Although they are not large like the marlin or swordfish, they are fighters when hooked. They can jump out of the water repeatedly when on line, making them a real spectacle when landing it on the reel. They’re found in brackish waters or in the estuaries and rivers around southern Florida.

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If you like your fishing with a little edge to it, try catching one of these fearsome fish. They have razor-sharp teeth like the piranha, they are agile like the sailfish, and they look like a sea snake in the water. Landing a barracuda is not easy, and they fight hard when on the line. Even when out of the water, fishermen should take heed as their teeth have been known to snap into bone.

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The wahoo is actually known as one of the most desired fish because it represents the best of both worlds. It is a prized and tasty fish that is notoriously hard to catch in the water. It’s large and elusive, making it definitely a prize once landed, a great meal once eaten, and a great story to tell for years to come.

If you’re looking to land any of these beasts, be sure to call Seahorse Fishing Adventures. We’ve been in the boat charter business long enough to know how to fulfill your dream and give you a great day doing it. Book a charter boat and a fishing guide today for your chance to hook something on your bucket list.

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