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The Playground in Front of Your Hotel on Singer Island

There is more to be found in front of your Singer Island hotel than vast, beautiful waters. fishing boat singer islandTurtles, whales, dolphins and birds abound. But, the most tempting attractions are perhaps the endless varieties of fish. Numerous techniques are available to choose from when saltwater fishing; and knowing a little about each can help the eager fisherman decide which method is best.

fishing boat singer island

Drift Fishing near Riviera Beach

Drift fishing is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon deep sea fishing out on the open waters, and knowing the proper technique can help ensure success.  First, consider hiring a fishing guide for an optimal offshore fishing experience.  The rod needed to drift fish should be about eight feet long with a sturdy tip.

Using a graphite reel, put out 300 or more yards of line.  Find a promising spot and either release a drift anchor or forgo the anchor completely.  Consider the type of fish sought and bait the reel accordingly.  Adding some sinkers to the line will ensure it reaches the appropriate depth.  Secure the reel to the boat and sit back, relax and wait for that big catch.

Deep Sea Fishing with Live Bait

fishing singer island

To help ensure success while saltwater fishing off of Singer Island, make sure to use the proper live bait. The best bait to use will vary depending on the fish sought.  Sailfish, mahi-mahi, marlin, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, and barracuda are easily attracted to mullet, ballyhoo, and flying fish.

When searching for cobia, grouper, or snapper, try using google eye baitfish instead.  They are easily caught offshore before a day of fishing begins.  If catching a shark is the goal of the day, stick with the small bonito.  These little baitfish are easy to find and attract an array of sharks, including the hammerhead.

Spear Gun Saltwater Fishing

Spearfishing is the underwater hunting of fish.  This method normally uses a spear gun and can be done either by free diving or in full scuba gear.  Spearfishing in Singer Island requires a great deal of patience, a good eye, and an impeccable aim.  Spearfishing often allows for the catching of big game fish, which is why some fishermen prefer this method.  Some of the fish targeted when spearfishing are the barracuda, amberjack, flounder, cobia, grouper, and hogfish.  However, it is important to check the rules regulating spearfishing in the intended areas to ensure adherence to the law.  Hiring a knowledgeable fishing guide can help.

Surf Fishing in Singer Island

fishing in singer island

Fishing from the shoreline of the ocean is called surf fishing.  It can be a very relaxing pastime while leading to the enjoyment of fresh, local fish.  Make sure to have a valid fishing license before attempting to surf fish.  A saltwater reel that spins attached to a heavy rod is best.  Deciding on the best bait to use depends on what catches are desired, though live baitfish seem to be a good, all around option.  Head out to the shore a few hours before high tide and start calling it a day one hour after the tide rolls out again.

Pier Fishing Near Riviera Beach

When looking to hook cobia, snook, mackerel, or blacktip sharks, pier fishing is a great method.  Two rods are best, both around 6.5 feet, but one with a 10-pound test and the other with 12.  This allows for a wider range of fish caught while saltwater fishing.  The best time of day to fish is when the birds are diving.  Birds are feasting on the fish below and can help guide fisherman to the optimal time and direction.  Ensure live bait adheres to the bait laws and remember selecting the right bait depends on the fish sought.

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