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What is Beyond the Juno Beach Fishing Pier?

Mahi-Mahi Deep Sea Fishing 

Mahi-mahi is a fairly easy fish to find while day fishing off the coast of Juno.  They are not often picky about bait and can usually be lured by flies or popping bugs.  However, if an angler is not successful using this type of bait, ballyhoo or mullet strips can also be used.  When trying to catch a large mahi-mahi, live bait is often best.

mahi mahi caught in Juno Beach

Trolling works well to identify schools while saltwater fishing, and keeping one baitfish in the water will ensure the school does not stray far from the boat.  Mahi-mahi can range in size from one to 80 plus pounds and the largest ever caught in Florida came in at an unbelievable 77 pounds.  The average length of a large adult seldom surpasses 30 inches.

Fishing for Cobia in Juno Beach

Much like the mahi-mahi, cobia are plentiful off the coast of Juno Beach.  The cobia can be a challenging catch, and fisherman often hire a charter fishing company to help meet the physical demands this fish presents.  The most common places to find these fish are around buoys or even wreckage areas; a fishing boat captain can help identify the most fruitful places.

cobia fish caught near Juno Beach

The cobia prefers live baitfish, such as mullet or pinfish, but can also be lured with shrimp or crab as long as the bait is live.  Cobia can be caught using a variety of methods including casting, drifting, trolling, and even still fishing.  Most commonly, the cobia caught are generally under 50 pounds though the Florida record was a whopping 130.  The biggest of the cobia can reach 72 inches.




Saltwater Fishing for Kingfish

Unlike the cobia, the kingfish is not as abundant as some of Florida’s other saltwater fish but can still be caught when one knows where to look.  When deep sea fishing, the kingfish can be found among wreckage, reefs and ledges but their whereabouts are often affected by the weather.

The most promising way to lure a kingfish is by using live bait and shrimp, though strips can sometimes work as well.  Kingfish can be caught via drifting, trolling, and still fishing; trollers, however, seem to have greater success and therefore hiring a fishing guide is helpful.  Kingfish range from four to 100 pounds with an average length of 66 inches.  The largest in Florida weighed in at 90 pounds.

Catching Snapper in Juno Beach

The family of snappers is large and includes the yellowtail, vermillion, lane, red, mutton, and gray snapper.  Depending on the variety, some are more plentiful than others in the area of Juno Beach.  Most snappers respond well to a variety of baits; though shrimp, squid and fish, live or dead, seem to be crown favorites.

Juno Beach Fishing Charter

A variety of fishing methods can be used for the snapper family including still fishing, casting, or drifting and a charter fishing company can lead eager fisherman in the right direction.  Snappers come in a variety of sizes depending on the type.  The smallest weigh less than one pound while the biggest are upwards 50 of pounds and 39 inches in length.  A red snapper was the largest ever caught in Florida and weighed in at 46 pounds.



Day Fishing for Grouper

The grouper family includes the black, gag, and red grouper as well as the black sea bass.  Grouper are an easy find when saltwater fishing in Florida’s waters.  This fish is attracted by a variety of baits including shrimp, squid, and fish either live or dead.  However, red grouper seem to prefer crab and Juno Beach fisherman have a higher rate of success when using crab to lure the reds.

grouper fishing juno beach

The size of the grouper, much like the snapper, differs depending on the type.  The smallest are around one pound and the biggest are 124 pounds with many over two feet in length.  A gag grouper was the largest ever caught in Florida and weighed 80 pounds.

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