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Local Saltwater Fishing in Jupiter, Florida

The Most Interesting Fish Ever Caught off the Coast of Jupiter, Florida

The most interesting fish ever caught off the coast of Florida is a crevalle jack. Away from its regular stomping grounds, this fish was captured off the coast of Jupiter during a day of offshore fishing and weighed an amazing 57 pounds.

The crevalle jack typically inhabits deep waters and feeds mainly on schools of baitfish. It thrives in an array of climates and can be found in waters from Canada to Portugal. At its largest, it can be 66 centimeters long and weigh upwards of 70 pounds. However, the crevalle jack is not considered a tasty fish and is often used instead for harnessing fish oil.

The Three Tastiest Saltwater Fish to Catch When Deep Sea Fishing

Even though the crevalle jack is not considered very tasty, other Florida saltwater fish are delicious. Deep sea fishing in Florida offers the opportunity to catch an array of appetizing fish ready to tantalize the taste buds of fish lovers everywhere. Three of these saltwater fish continuously rank top choice when it comes to culinary delight. The three tastiest saltwater fish in Florida are:

  • Yellowfin Tuna. Somewhat tricky to catch, these tasty tunas are worth the effort. They provide a pure flavor, leaving no peculiar aftertaste or other strange flavors. The yellowfin tuna can especially be enjoyed in raw dishes where the pure essence of the fish can be savored.
  • Dolphin Fish. The dolphin fish can be caught year-round in Florida’s waters, which is great considering it is one of the most well-liked fish available. Dolphin has a strong but creamy flavor and is the perfect fish to throw on the grill since it works well with an array of marinades.
  • Red Snapper. This fish is a treat only accessible during certain times of the year in Florida and often requires a fishing guide. Red snapper meat is firm but delicate and leaves a delectable taste of sweetness on the tongue.

The Ugliest Saltwater Fish Ever Found in Offshore Fishing

Unfortunately, the world’s ugliest fish cannot be caught while saltwater fishing in Florida, as Florida’s waters are not its home. The honor of ugliest fish went to the blob fish who inhabits the waters of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. In a recent poll, 30,000 voters decided the blob fish was in fact the world’s ugliest animal. Whether it is his beady eye, bulbous nose or sagging mouth that gave him this distinct honor is unclear. Perhaps, it was simply a combination of all three.

The Best Looking Saltwater Fish Spotted in Offshore Fishing

The blob fish may be the ugliest saltwater fish, but the mandarin fish is often considered the most beautiful. It is a small fish, inhabiting the tropical coastal waters of the Pacific. Because of its beauty, it is often found adding a bit a color to the saltwater tanks of many fish enthusiasts. However, this little beauty is best suited to those who understand the complex feeding habits of the mandarin fish. Once they adapt to tank life, mandarinfish enjoy a fairly long lifespan while resisting disease.

The Largest Fish Ever Caught while Saltwater Fishing off the Coast of Florida

Florida may not be home to the lovely mandarinfish, but we do have claim to one of the largest fish ever caught. In the summer of 2001, a 1,046 pound blue marlin was caught off the coast of Panama City. The fish required over a dozen men to move it, a police guide to help transfer it, and an industrial scale to measure its weight. The blue marlin was caught during the Panama City’s Bay Point Invitational Billfish Tournament and was a lucky break for the happy fisherman, Conrad Hawkins. The fish is now mounted at a restaurant in Panama City for all patrons to admire.

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