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Top 10 Most Beautiful Fish in the World

After so many years planning perfect fishing charter adventures, even we are still stunned by how much diversity and beauty there is to be found in the oceans. No matter how many times we see some of these species in the wild, we’re still amazed at the colors and variety that these species of fish have. Here are, in no particular order, some of our most beautiful fish in the sea.

French Angel Fish

This fish lives primarily in the reefs around the Caribbean seas, which is awesome because it means we get to see it here as well. It lives in t rocks and reefs around here, and can frequently be found in the abandoned shipwrecks. It’s a great fish to spot on a deep sea dive and it’s easy to spot with its distinctive blue head and yellow spots all over its body.

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Banggai Cardinalfish

The most frequent place you’ll see this fish is in aquariums all over the world. It’s found around the Banggai Islands of Indonesia, but can hardly be found in the wild anymore. It’s such a popular fish, that some estimates have this fish as more populous in captivity than can be found in the open ocean.

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Symphysodon Discus

The discus fish is popular again in aquariums because it has such striking colors. It’s a flat fish that can come in all ranges of neon and bright colors. It’s primarily found in the Amazon basin all along the river and the estuaries of the Amazon. It’s also popular in fish tanks because they help balance out the aquaculture of a large tank. No matter if they serve a role or not, their beauty is unsurpassed in the sheer number of colors.


Lion Fish

The lion fish, or the pterois, is a fish for those who love their beauty with a little danger lurking behind it. The lion fish is striking in appearance because of its long tendrils that are venomous. The sting of a lion fish can cause severe symptoms like nausea, vomiting and convulsions. Severe stings can also result in paralysis and death. It’s a beautiful fish, no doubt, but it’s also deadly to its prey and onlookers.

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Lyretail Anthias

You might know this fish as the sea goldie. It’s a seawater fish that is found mainly in the Indian Ocean all the way down to the Australian coastline. The lyretail is a popular saltwater tank fish because it, like the discus, comes in such a wide variety of colors. You’ll find bright yellow, deep red, and blazing orange anthias in the wild. Captive breeds can be deep purple or fluorescent yellows as well.

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Moorish Idol

The Moorish idol gained popularity as one of the featured fish in Finding Nemo. The character Gil was an Idol. The long whip from the top of the head and the striking yellow and white stripes make this a distinctive fish. It’s a graceful fish that goes well in any aquarium, although a sight in the wild would take you to the Indian Ocean around Africa and Sri Lanka. The fish was thought to bring happiness to those who saw it in the wild. It continues to bring happiness to the aquariums of the world.

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Blueface Angelfish

In the species of angelfish, there are many that would qualify to be on this list, but the blueface angelfish deserves its place here. It’s a particular fish that has a dizzying pattern on its side that swirls and blends together in peculiar way. The head also features a bright eye spot that distinguishes it from among other angelfish. Although it is normally found on the other side of the world, there have been a few sighting in the reefs and wrecks of the Floridian coast.

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This name actually encapsulates the 40 different species of closely related fish that all bear some resemblance. They come in bright colors and even in stark greys and whites. They can be great as a solitary tank fish, but they don’t work well in large tanks with many fish. They can be notoriously ill-tempered. They have the remarkable ability among fishes to learn from previous experiences.

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Clown Fish

How could any list of beautiful fish be complete without the clownfish present? Because of the movie Finding Nemo, it’s become such a hot commodity that it’s getting harder and harder to find in fish stores. In the wild, they are quite numerous anywhere that anemone grows. They partner with the anemone to provide nutrients to the plant while the plant cleans the fish from harmful bacteria.

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The most colorful fish in the world is the mandarinfish. It’s a brightly lit, multi-colored fish that is remarkable to see in the wild. Anybody would count it a lucky day to spot one of these beauties. The name actually comes from the brightly-colored robes an Imperial Mandarin would wear.

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Spotting these types of fish is rare, but if you would like a tour of the fish you can catch around Jupiter Florida, book a charter with Seahorse Fishing Adventures. Our experienced Capt. Lee would love to show you exactly where to see and catch some of our most amazing fish. Book a charter boat today.

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