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Tastiest Fish Caught Off Singer Island

The best news about booking a charter boat in the Florida waters is that you’ll have access to some of the tastiest fish you’re going to find anywhere. Florida has such a rich aquaculture that no matter what you’re preferences, there will be something here for you to enjoy. For sport fishing trips, saltwater fishing boats, or some deep sea fishing, our captain has the local knowledge about where to go, when to go, and how to cook what you catch.

And what’re you going to find? Here’s a few of the tastiest fish you’ll catch just off Singer Island.


Now don’t get held up on the name. That’s just what the locals call the Mahi Mahi or the Dorado. It has many names, but as Shakespeare should have said, “a fish by any other name would still taste as great.”

dolphin fishing singer island

The mahi mahi/dorado/dolphin lives in the deeper waters offshore and it’s brightly cultured flesh is perfect for the dinner table. The fillets are robust in flavor and they are often revered in restaurants here as one of Florida’s favorites. Its popularity in Hawaii makes it a sought-after fish here as well.

Red Snapper

The red snapper is the tastiest of the bottom feeding fish. The type of fish doesn’t sound so appealing, but think of all the other sea creatures we eat that are bottom feeders. Crabs, lobsters, and blacktip sharks all enjoy feeding off the bottom, just like this favorite of Florida’s residents.

red snapper fishing singer island fl

The red snapper just edges out the grouper as a good fish to eat but it’s a sweeter fish that has a delicate and distinct flavor. It’s not too strong in flavor, as some might say the dolphin/dorado is, but it’s not too light in taste, as others would say different snappers can be. It’s a perfect in-between taste that can appeal to anybody.


While we’re on the subject of bottom feeders, we have to include lobsters on this list. They are incredibly prolific in these waters and Floridians take to lobster the way a fish takes to water. They’re easy to find, and so easy to catch. They might not qualify as a fish you’d catch on your deep sea fishing adventure, but they still rank highly among popular seafood in the Floridian diet.

lobster fishing singer island,fl

Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin is a popular fish to find in the waters off of Singer Island. You do have to make a bit of a journey, but for this exquisite fish, it’s well worth the time and effort. It can be quite an effort too, with some fish taking hours to reel in because of their sheer size and will to fight. But nothing this tasty comes for free.

yellow fin tuna fishing singer island fl

The yellowfin flesh is tasty and light to the tongue. It’s an incredible clean meat that is packed with the minerals and oils your body needs. It’s an excellent fish to serve raw or mildly cooked. The taste doesn’t need to be tampered with because it already is near perfection for just about any palate. In terms of the best fish to catch offshore, this fish will always be our number one.


or some, fish is just about finding that white flaky texture and taste. There are so many varieties of that type of fish that we had to narrow it down to our most recommended fish. So if you’re on our fishing charter boat, we’d always steer you towards the tripletail as the ideal white fish.

triple tail fishing singer island fl

The tripletail surpasses all other white fish like the flounder or the barramundi. It’s a popular white fish in places like Central America. It can be found in the fish markets of Florida, but there’s nothing quite like landing your own tripletail and eating it fresh out of the ocean just a few hours later. Just try and prove us wrong the next time you get a chance to taste tripletail.

If you find that this article has left you salivating for fresh saltwater fish, give us here at Seahorse Fishing Adventures a call. Our deep sea fishing boat will take you out off Singer Island, Jupiter and Palm Beach to locate the tastiest fish for you to bring home. Don’t just talk about your next big catch; eat it with your friends. Book a charter with us today to get the best fishing guide in South Florida.

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