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Common Fish Found and Caught Around Jupiter, Florida

It’s a common question we get asked all the time. If you’re going to book a charter sport fishing boat, you want to know just what types of fish you’re likely to catch. We like to say that the only thing you’re sure to catch are some rays. Anything else is luck and fun.

As for fish, there are quite a few varieties around Jupiter and our local knowledge can lead you to some pretty amazing catches. You might even land something on your bucket list should you be so lucky. Here’s what our previous charter fishing expeditions have landed on their adventures.

Greater Amberjack

Sure, you could stick with the classic Amberjack, but why settle for great, when you can land the Greater Amberjack. It’s a popular fish in these parts. It sits in rocky reefs and typically can be found up to 240 feet down from the surface. They fish well on live bait or dead bait, so it’s not too challenging on our scale of difficulty.

If you’re lucky enough to land one, you’re in for a feast. Although normal Amberjacks can be up to 100 lbs, the current Floridian record is a whopping 142 lbs. That’s a lot of fillets. If cooked properly, you could have quite a meal as many of the restaurants here love to serve this as their prized seafood dish.

amberjack fishing jupiter fl

Blackfin Tuna

If you know tuna, you’ll know there are a few varieties that you can find. The yellowfin is a challenge for advanced anglers. The Bluefin is prized for being used in sashimi and sushi as a raw ingredient. The Blackfin tuna is also known as the “filet mignon” of fish because of its excellent quality meat. It, like its cousin, is also excellent served rare, and can be fished to your heart’s content. There are no restrictions on numbers, so whatever you catch out on the offshore fishing boats is yours to cook and enjoy.

blackfin tuna jupiter fl

Blacktip Shark

If you come away from one of our deep sea fishing adventures having caught a blacktip shark, you’re having a good day. This stunning shark is not large, reaching up to 90 lbs. in weight looks exactly like what it should. It has the pointed nose, the sharp teeth, and the tell-tale dorsal fin that everybody expects a shark to have.

It’s quite a popular sight in the Atlantic Ocean. The fillets are very strong to the taste and make great “fish and chips” meals.

blacktip shark fishing jupiter fl

Great Barracuda

If you thrive on the dangerous side of life, you should definitely tell our charter boat staff that you’re looking for a great barracuda. They are fierce fish with sharp teeth to back up their nasty demeanor. If you need some sport fishing trophies in your repertoire, landing one of these will earn you brownie points among or friends for years to come. They aren’t fit to eat, but their speed and agility make landing one of these beasts worth the effort.

barracuda fishing jupiter fl

Mahi Mahi or Dorado

This is a great fish to land on your first time out. It’s a colorful fish that has earned its place in American culture because of its Hawaiian name. It’s found all over the world and frequently called the Dorado worldwide.

It’s a Florida favorite in restaurants up and down the coast. If you can, try to land as many as ten per outing because their taste is amazing. They are nice white fillet that doesn’t come with that strong fishy taste most would prefer to avoid.

mahi-mahi fishing Jupiter Fl


As a sporting fish, this species isn’t particularly hard to catch. Just look for the buoys or piers, and cobia are sure to be around. But it’s a good thing they’re easy to find because they taste delicious. Their fillets are a lovely white flaky texture and they satisfy anybody’s craving for fresh seafood just hours out of the ocean. Plan out your catch because there’s a 6 fish maximum per charter boat.

cobia fishing jupiter Fl


Make sure to get your friends to buy you a round if you land this fish. The sailfish is one of the most prized possessions of any angler. Taking down a sailfish can be a chore as they weigh up to 100 lbs and they are remarkably fast in the water. It’s not worth eating, but the story alone will feed your friends for years to come.

Make sure that you speak to our friendly staff if there’s something in particular you want to catch. Capt. Lee and the rest of the crew here at Seahorse Fishing Adventures have the experience and local knowledge you need to make the perfect fishing charter day. Our boat will take you out from Palm Beach to Jupiter for a wide selection of deep sea fishing adventures. Plan a charter boat today and call us for your personal fishing guide.

We provide expert charter fishing services in these Palm Beach County cities:

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We provide deep sea fishing in the following Zip Code areas in Palm Beach County:

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